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The Many Uses of Ceramic

Bathroom Remodeling, Ceramics, and more

It’s strange that we don’t really comprehend just how ceramics form part of our daily lives. Even the bricks that our homes are built of are plastered with ceramic gypsum. That’s right, I couldn’t believe it myself. But when I did a little digging, I found so many things ceramic is used for.

Apart from the bricks, ceramics also form part of the glass windows, along with the pipes that connect the house with the sewage system. But that’s just the tip of the ice-berg. I also found that ceramics are used for television sets, loudspeakers, capacitors, computers and even vacuum cleaners have some form of ceramic.

You’re probably thinking it can’t get any more useful can it? You’d be wrong, because it does. Ceramics are also used with hip replacements and car engines.

And to top it all off, you’ve probably got a whole array of ceramics in your kitchen and bathroom. We had a bathroom remodeling company over a few weeks ago and he was telling us all about it. The fiberglass cables that transmit cable television along with telephone calls also make use of ceramics. In fact, ceramics have so many uses, it’s hard to find somewhere it isn’t used. If you’re thinking a car’s engine, think again. They are used inside “lean burn” car engines.

More Ceramic Uses

I usually watch cooking shows to get new recipe ideas. One of the recipes recommended that I use a dutch oven, which I didn’t have. I found an affordable ceramic dutch oven at one of the big box stores and used it to try out the recipe. The recipe was a success, and now I use the dutch oven to cook just about everything.
I mixed some eggs and vegetables and poured them into the oven to make a simple crustless quiche. I normally have trouble making the crust for quiches, which is why I skipped it in this instance. The quiche still tastes good without the crust, and because it lacks a crust, it can be eaten with any kind of bread.

I even used the dutch oven to make a large cake, I just mixed the ingredients into a batter and poured them into the dutch oven. Baking the cake was easy, but I had a little trouble figuring how to get the cake out without breaking it. Since I didn’t fill the oven to the brim with batter, there was a bit of a distance from the top of the cake to the top of the oven. I place a plate directly on the top of the cake and flipped the oven upside down. The cake fell right out in one piece.

This amazing piece of ceramic served us well. Ironically, I realized that ceramic was in our bathroom now that our bathroom remodeler finished their work on our shower and tube (see their website – nice!). I’d like to thank whoever came up with the ceramic idea, because it improves our lives more than we might realize.

What Are The Many Uses Of Ceramic?

I recently found that I inherited a number of pieces from my aunt’s estate, and I am not quite sure about a lot of the different items that I have now.

I wouldn’t say that I am a bad cook, but I pretty much only stick with the basics. This means that I like to use a pan, a pot and a baking dish for most any meal that I make. However, when I started looking through the items that I inherited, in terms of cooking, it seems that there are a lot of different ceramic pieces.

I am not quite sure how to use ceramic when it comes to cooking. Can it go into the oven? What about the microwave? I know that some of these pieces are more like serving dishes than what I may actually use to cook with. I just want to be sure that I am not going to ruin them if I try to put them in the oven and whatnot.

The most I have ever really used ceramic for is when I have a few favorite cereal bowls, coffee mugs, and a I have a flat iron for my hair that has ceramic plates. Anything I could learn would be great.

Ceramic Additions To The Home

My friend Sheri has gone absolutely insane with home decorating. She’s been watching all of the television shows and videos that give out home decorating tips and now she wants to decorate everything, including other people’s homes. When she came over to my home a couple of weeks ago, she told me that my home could use a little bit more ceramic. She dragged me to the home store and bought some ceramic pottery for me.

While I appreciated my friend buying those items for me, I really didn’t think there was anything wrong with the way my home looked. I will admit that the ceramic pieces she chose do look nice in my home, especially the ceramic flower vase. It has a beautiful artistic shape that doesn’t look like something you would typically see in a flower vase. My friend even bought some of my favorite flowers to put in the vase, which was a nice touch.

I’m hoping that my friend will eventually go back to normal and cool it with all of the decorating. If she has the urge to decorate, she can at least make a little money doing it for customers who actually want to have their homes decorated.

Welcome and Hello!

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Kim, and I have enrolled in a ceramics class at my local community college. I’m really enjoying the class, and I wanted to do some more research on ceramics and their many uses, and then blog about it.

We may see a variety of products around us that are made out of ceramics. Not only are ceramics a hard material, they are also chemically stable and can be molded into a variety of shapes to be used around the home, in industry and in many other areas of life. When most people think about ceramics, they think about trinkets that may sit on their shelves but the fact of the matter is, it is an important material that is used worldwide and is a multibillion-dollar industry.

The primary reason why ceramics are so popular is because of their properties. They don’t readily conduct heat or electricity and typically, the have a high melting point. Traditional ceramics have been used for thousands of years and are still used today in everything from pottery and tableware down to floor tiles and blocks. More than likely, you can look around your home and see some of the many different uses of ceramics. Some of the more advanced users of this product include optical, electrical and magnetic industries. For those more advanced applications, the powder is prepared differently, but the general principles are still the same.

Better Cooking With Ceramic

As I’ve become older, I’ve begun to think more about what goes into my body from the various things I use. I switched to using glass over plastic for cups because I don’t want to take the chance of things leaching into my beverages. I even sold my old crock pot that has a metal cooking container. While the pot was rated safe at the time I purchased it, some new reports about possible metals getting into foods while cooking with crock pots had me worried.

I’m not typically the kind of person who will freak out over the tiniest things and go into a panic, but when there is a possibility that harmful things my enter my body, I take them very seriously. I found a nice ceramic crock pot to replace the one that I sold. It cooks just as well as the other pot, but the cooking container is all ceramic, so there’s no chance of anything getting into the food.

I should probably go the distance and filter my tap water, but I’m worried about getting rid of some of the beneficial elements of the water. Not to mention those water filter prices can add up over time.