It’s strange that we don’t really comprehend just how ceramics form part of our daily lives. Even the bricks that our homes are built of are plastered with ceramic gypsum. That’s right, I couldn’t believe it myself. But when I did a little digging, I found so many things ceramic is used for.

Apart from the bricks, ceramics also form part of the glass windows, along with the pipes that connect the house with the sewage system. But that’s just the tip of the ice-berg. I also found that ceramics are used for television sets, loudspeakers, capacitors, computers and even vacuum cleaners have some form of ceramic.

You’re probably thinking it can’t get any more useful can it? You’d be wrong, because it does. Ceramics are also used with hip replacements and car engines.

And to top it all off, you’ve probably got a whole array of ceramics in your kitchen and bathroom. We had a bathroom remodeling company over a few weeks ago and he was telling us all about it. The fiberglass cables that transmit cable television along with telephone calls also make use of ceramics. In fact, ceramics have so many uses, it’s hard to find somewhere it isn’t used. If you’re thinking a car’s engine, think again. They are used inside “lean burn” car engines.