I usually watch cooking shows to get new recipe ideas. One of the recipes recommended that I use a dutch oven, which I didn’t have. I found an affordable ceramic dutch oven at one of the big box stores and used it to try out the recipe. The recipe was a success, and now I use the dutch oven to cook just about everything.
I mixed some eggs and vegetables and poured them into the oven to make a simple crustless quiche. I normally have trouble making the crust for quiches, which is why I skipped it in this instance. The quiche still tastes good without the crust, and because it lacks a crust, it can be eaten with any kind of bread.

I even used the dutch oven to make a large cake, I just mixed the ingredients into a batter and poured them into the dutch oven. Baking the cake was easy, but I had a little trouble figuring how to get the cake out without breaking it. Since I didn’t fill the oven to the brim with batter, there was a bit of a distance from the top of the cake to the top of the oven. I place a plate directly on the top of the cake and flipped the oven upside down. The cake fell right out in one piece.

This amazing piece of ceramic served us well. Ironically, I realized that ceramic was in our bathroom now that our bathroom remodeler finished their work on our shower and tube (see their website – nice!). I’d like to thank whoever came up with the ceramic idea, because it improves our lives more than we might realize.