My friend Sheri has gone absolutely insane with home decorating. She’s been watching all of the television shows and videos that give out home decorating tips and now she wants to decorate everything, including other people’s homes. When she came over to my home a couple of weeks ago, she told me that my home could use a little bit more ceramic. She dragged me to the home store and bought some ceramic pottery for me.

While I appreciated my friend buying those items for me, I really didn’t think there was anything wrong with the way my home looked. I will admit that the ceramic pieces she chose do look nice in my home, especially the ceramic flower vase. It has a beautiful artistic shape that doesn’t look like something you would typically see in a flower vase. My friend even bought some of my favorite flowers to put in the vase, which was a nice touch.

I’m hoping that my friend will eventually go back to normal and cool it with all of the decorating. If she has the urge to decorate, she can at least make a little money doing it for customers who actually want to have their homes decorated.